Jamey Aebersold Jazz Handbook. 2000

Объем – 54 страницы

General Information
Valuable Jazz Information
Jazz: The Natural Music
Suggested Listening – Jazz Artists
Historically Significant Recordings
Tips For Learning A New Tune
Practice Procedures For Memorizing. Scales and Chords To Any Song
Song List for Beginners
Introduction to the Scale Syllabus
The Dominant 7 th Tree of Scale Choices
Preparatory Exercises – Treble Clef
Preparatory Exercises – Bass Clef
Treble Clef Scales
Bass Clef Scales
Ear Training
Interval Chart
Basic Keyboard and Chromatic Scale
The Circle or Cycle of Fourths. Scales/Modes Based on Major Scale
Hoe to Practice Improvisation
Things That Create Interest When Soloing. Starting a Phrase or Melody
Articulations: How To Better Express Yourself
Jazz Rhythms
The Blues Scale and Its use
The Twelve Blues Scales (Treble & Bass Clef)
Blues Progressions
Improvisation: Playing the Blues
Variations On Blues
Bebop Characteristics
Bebop Scales
Transposition Chart. Two Interesting Short Stories
Theory Assignments
Major and Dominant 7 th
Piano Voicings
Points to Remember