Джон Колтрейн. Тенор саксофон. Джазовый стиль. Дэвид Бэйкер. John Coltrane. The Jazz Style Of. Tenor Sax. David N Baker

USA, 1980 год

Объем – 93 страницы


Relationship Of Chords To Scales
Transcribing Solos From Records
Biographical Sketch
John Coltrane The Innovator
Coltrane’s Periodization
Coltrane Genealogy Chart
John Coltrane Preferred Tune Types
Coltrane The Composer
Original Compositions Of John Coltrane
A Selected Bibliography
A Selected Discography
A List Of Available Transcribed Solos
Transcribed Solos With Analysis and Model Analysis Sheet
Straight No Chaser
Little Melonae
The Language Of Coltrane
II V7 Patterns
Cycles, Turnarounds, etc.
Melodic Patterns