Bill Bay. Jazz Sax Studies

США. 1979 год

Объем – 74 страницы


Basic Rhythmic Concepts For Jazz and Contemporary Phrasing
Special Effects
Heavy Accent
Standard Staccato
Standard Legato
The Shake
The Flip
The Smear
The Doit
The Plop
Indefinite or Muffled Sound
Be-Bop Phrasing
Rock and Soul Phrasing
Latin Rock
Jazz Technique
Jazz Articulation, Movable Patterns and Variations
Chord Studies
Scale Building
Chord Building Chart
Order of Keys
Dominant 7th Chord
Blowin’ Dominant 7th Through all Keys
Minor 7th Chord
Blowin’ Minor 7th Through all Keys
7 flat 5 Chord and Its Resolution
Blowin’ 7 flat 5 Through All Keys
Minor 7 flat 5 Througn Its Resolution
Blowin’ minor 7 flat 5 Through All Keys
Augmented 7th and Its Resolution
Blowin 7th #5 Through All Keys
Diminished Chord and Its Resolution
Diminished Scale
Flexibility Studies – High and Low Registers